Having is Being II

anarchy and acrchitecture at european school of economics

The world of Being

All that we see and touch, all that we perceive, the financial skyscrapers, the industrial pyramids, the discoveries and conquests of science and technology and all that we call ‘reality’ is nothing but the projection of a world that is invisible to our senses, of a world of ideas and values that run vertically to our level of existence: The world of being.


Prosperity, health and the quality of life of a man, just like that of a nation or an entire civilization, do not depend on the availability and the opulence of means and resources but on the extension of their being. The way we feel, think, act, our aspirations and our profoundness of our ideas, what we believe in and our dreams are what determines men’s destinies.

This explains why countries rich in natural resources are normally also the poorest and the why the enrichment of a man is not sufficient enough to remove him from his destiny if he does not enrich his being. There is a homeostatic mechanism that unavoidably brings back having to the level of being. An unprepared man, even if just momentarily favoured by events or external circumstances in his life, will be brought back to his old state of poverty if his level of having exceeds his level of being. This also stands true for nations.