Freedom from desire and fear

How can I ever be free?

Q. With all the responsibilities I have, how can I ever be free?

Elio. Freedom means essentially freedom from worry. Do not indulge or identify with your worries, fears or desires. Observe and let them come and go. Even desire for Truth, one day, has to be abandoned to make further progress possible.

Q. But, we are worried about tomorrow, about the future, the uncertainty of the future. We don’t know how to deal with this uncertainty.

Elio. First of all, ask yourself what ‘time’ is all about – what is its very meaning. Time and fear creates all that which you are afraid of. In the powerful state of inner awareness, time will disappear and with it, all the absurdities, illusions and contradictions of this world.

Q. Without fear and desire what motive is there for action?

Elio. None, unless you consider love of Life, of righteousness, of beauty, motive enough. Do not be afraid of freedom from fear and desire. It enables you to live a Life much more intense and interesting than all you know.

They let you believe that if you desire something long enough and hard enough, sooner or later, you tend to realize it.

They let you believe that after you have paid the price and observed the required laws, the object of your ambition will one day be yours.

They taught you to believe that a successful individual has to visualize his success long before it becomes a reality.

They let you believe that the constant and dedicated attention to the goal you have set for yourself, is the only formula for its achievement…

But remember!

Beliefs, hopes, expectations and desires are all in time, and in time nothing real can be achieved. What you call success, victory, happiness, truth or even financial power, can only be produced and released in this very Now, by the most real thing that you possess: the Art of Dreaming – the most practical way to hit the mark, win all battles, overcome all limits and achieve the inconceivable.

First of all, ask yourself what ‘time’ is all about, the meaning of time. Time is a trap, a self-created prison. Time is generated by your own way of thinking. So, thought breeds fear, and fear creates all that which you are afraid of. In the omnipotent state of timelessness, fear disappears and with it, all the absurdities and limitations of this world.