Love Yourself


All knowledge …

All knowledge, methods and theories coming from outside may be necessary as starting points, but must be soon abandoned for a higher source of understanding.   It is time to disregard all teachings, ideologies, disciplines, books and ideas, your own and those of others, anything at all put into words and writings, and dive deeply...

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The Crowd

The Crowd Do not mix or identify with the crowd, you will get stuck! The more you work on yourself for your integrity, the less you will be influenced by the hypnotizing forces of the masses. The crowd is the outer representation of your inner division and sorrow. The more you become innerly integrated the...

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It’s time to Dream a new Dream

From the New Book ‘The Technology of the Dreamer’ When you realize that you are the one who creates and projects the reality you are living in, and that all depends upon you, a sense of loneliness comes and grips your “soul”. You are alone, facing the abyss of yourself and the sense of responsibility...

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Remember September 11st

#neverforget9/11 You What about people who find themselves victims of random acts of violence? That are caught in an accident over which they have no control? The Dreamer Everyone encounters only oneself.  The others, the world, the experiences, the facts, the phenomena, are only the deferments.  The more you are separated from yourself, the more...

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Fire from Within

The Fire from Within   Experience will never teach you anything. It is good to develop roles and personalities that will act and deal with outer reality while early in life, but you should not identify with them and get lost. Soon you must turn all your attention to your inner voice, the real source...

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Individual revolution

Elio is a brilliant speaker who expresses his educational philosophy in a unique way. His words encourage the listener to maintain a proactive attitude and to constantly strive for integrity and unity of being

Painful Moments are Opportunities….

Painful moments are opportunities…   The most difficult and painful moments are opportunities to penetrate in an area of power. When you feel that pain inside, don’t run away from it… stop! There, in stillness, is where you need to stay. Without the ability to grasp these opportunities and live moments of suspension, you pass...

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My song in time is my destiny

My ‘song’ in time is my destiny. There are ancient cultures that do not have ‘no’ in their vocabulary, and have no notion of ‘the opposite’. The Native American Hopis are one of these peoples. It is not by chance that they have never been defeated by the ‘paleface,’ and have never lost their lands....

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Top Leader

There is no help coming from anywhere at all The success of any enterprise depends mainly upon the inner responsibility and integrity of their leader. Many organizations have failed because of lack of an intrepid leader, pragmatic dreamer, philosopher of action. The training of a leader through self-knowledge and self-remembering: leads him to the Dream that...

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