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  • The World Needs Neither Redeemers Nor Saviors

    He who has not defeated the lie within himself, he who is unaware of his own misery, of his inner conflicts and division, cannot do anything for others. “If you lift the smoke-screen surrounding philanthropy in its every form, you might discover that behind the suffragists and the Salvation Armies, behind medical and pharmaceutical aid […]

  • There is something you can not find anywhere in the world…

    Yet there is a “place” where you can find it   ​The place is not too far from you. It is exactly within you. And you are encouraged to live every day with this great responsibility.   ​Pinocchio at the School for Gods: “All dreams come ​​true!” ​ Once upon a time … ‘a King!’, […]

  • There’s no authority higher than you

    From the Technology of the Dreamer… There is no authority higher than you. No authority can give you happiness, joy, comfort or wealth. You are the highest authority that gives, loves, dares and dreams from the inside. Q. You will probably accuse me of being venal, greedy, but the only thing I want is to […]

  • The world is the materialization of the Dream

    Your thoughts create your personal reality The Dreamer was talking to me whilst doing a series of physical exercises, alternating between the sophisticated machines in His gymnasium. This room occupied the top of an ancient tower which overlooked the immense expanse of Mas Anglada. Through the panoramic windows, the centuries-old stillness of the hillsides and […]

  • Get into trouble… Intentionally

    Push yourself to the brink of the abyss Firmly trusting your intuition and integrity. The problems you suffer and that apparently overwhelm you, will be instantly resolved if you deliberately expose yourself to problems of a higher order. Your problems and hardships in life reflect and measure exactly your level of responsibility. To be respons-ible […]

  • Interview with Elio D’Anna, author of ‘The School for Gods’

    Once anyone has understood this, life is simple, enjoyable and, above all, in his own hands Q. Your  novel  “The  School  for  Gods”  describes  a  character  that  finds  it  difficult  to  survive  in the modern western society but who meets a “dreamer” that changes his reality. What lessons from the novel’s “dreamer” can be applied to […]

  • A Revolutionary Right never sanctioned by a Charter, Manifesto or Movement

    European School of Economics declares a revolutionary right… … the right of young people to dream and see their dreams realised! Landing on the job market and hoping to be chosen, or searching for an occupation just to earn a living, is beneath the dignity of a man. The promise of ESE is that none […]

  • Success is … Now

    Success doesn’t come from planning but from the instant… It is in the dream, in the absence of time that one can have success.  Success is now!  Wealth , happiness, is only ‘Now.’  Success is the absence of death and fear and can only happen in the moment. In an hour or in one month, […]

  • Life is a script dictated by your fantasy

    A few minutes of absolute silence are enough to adjust the world Remember! The world is none other than your inner being spread out over time. So you are always dealing with yourself. Once won the war with time, there will be no more wars, neither inside nor out…. Only Now counts…. The past is […]

  • Permanent Victory IV

    Permanent Victory IV Q. How can I live in paradise forever? A. Even if it’s been a good day…everything’s been smooth, joyful, and successful… don’t indulge! Come out of your state of  self-satisfaction and complacency.   Place your foot on the rung of the luminous ladder and go beyond. Not indulging means that you are already […]

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