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The School for Gods

The School for Gods and European School of Economics The School for Gods I’ve dreamed of an Individual Revolution Capable of overturning the...

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Stop planning! Stop believing!

The true plan is not in time but in absence of time, that is, in this very moment – “here and now” Every...

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Employment is a modern form of slavery

Employment is a modern form of slavery, this is the message from Elio D’anna and in your book you express an absolute opposition...

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The King is naked

The King is Naked Q. Is Mankind going towards self-destruction? How can we face and find a solution to such a global mess...

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Jam Session Testimonial

Dear readers, We must create with these pages a philosophical movement that can practically address and give answers to the many questions of...

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Freedom From Conventional Education

For a man to be completely free he must fight a lifetime of indoctrination! Knowledge, culture or discipline coming from outside will never help...

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The World Needs Neither Redeemers Nor Saviors

He who has not defeated the lie within himself, he who is unaware of his own misery, of his inner conflicts and division,...

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Sports for Peace

Football for Peace Charity Dinner The great growth of the interest and practice of Sport and motor skills in general has definitively confirmed...

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Love Your Body

The first step to physical Immortality is to love your body… and to give up the dreary idea of harming or killing it....

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